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UNDERAGE is about embracing rebelliousness and sensuality.


This winter we collaborated with emerging artist Inigo Blue and set designer Lydia Chan who created an eerie wonderland of sensuality, rock and flesh.

We love Inigo Blue's new single because, just like many of UNDERAGE's collections, this music videos has a dark, gritty feel. Dig deeper though and you find a lighthearted melody and love song lyrics. 

Just like Inigo Blue, UNDERAGE loves to play with contrasts.

`For example Autumn/Winter 2018 took dark colour tones and oversized silhouettes and contrasted them against playful scribbles of "YaDaYaDaYaDa" & "we are the wasted youth" - as if scrawled on a textbook during a boring class. All this again contrasted by the canvas of luxury garments, designed with meticulous textile and manufacturing techniques. 

And then there's the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, which printed a 'terrifying' image of a daemonic cocker spaniel onto a luxury deconstructed hooded top. 

To celebrate UNDERAGE's collaboration with Inigo Blue and the release of Inigo Blue's fantastic single Gentle Heart, we've put together a selection of our favourite pieces from current and past collections that we feel fit this contrasting, playful, and yet dark and gritty music video. 

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Inigo Blue

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