We stand for the experimental youth; the few that dare to challenge conventions and break free from the boundaries of conformity. UNDERAGE celebrate the sexually liberated and the empowered, underpinned by a playful spirit. 


From first sketch to final stitch, UNDERAGE is created in London, inspired by the diverse, rebellious hearts that rule the city.  Defined by bold, striking prints and an unorthodox approach to traditional garment construction, UNDERAGE seeks to surprise, shock and subvert. Always youthful, often genderless, and suitably eclectic, we believe in the voracity of youth. For the misfits, the trailblazers, the misunderstood and the rebel spirits - We are UNDERAGE.  




UNDERAGE is the trading name for UNDERAGE DESIGN LTD, registered company in the United Kingdom, Company Number 10748807. All rights reserved.